Company History

Specialty Trailer Leasing was founded by Jack B. Kelley, who began as a supplier of Helium in 1946.  By the mid 1950's, Jack was delivering Helium in the standard 64,000 cubic foot tube trailers.  As the demand grew, Jack saw a need for larger deliveries.  With this in mind, Jack designed, patented, and built the first jumbo tube trailer using 22" diameter tubes.  In March 1961, the first Kelley jumbo tube trailer was completed.  With the development of the jumbo tube trailer, Jack more than doubled the amount of Helium to be transported over the road.

Demand for the Kelley jumbo tube trailer grew rapidly.  To meet the demand, Jack had a vision of the first three trailers paying for three more, then those six would pay for six more and so forth.  With the popularity of the Kelley jumbo tube trailer, Specialty Trailer Leasing was formed in the 1960's to offer customers the option of leasing the trailers for short and long-term use.  Through Jack's vision and diversification, Specialty Trailer Leasing continues to provide Kelley jumbo tube trailers for specialized compressed gases, to include; Helium, Hydrogen, Nitrogen, Oxygen, Breathing Air, Carbon Monoxide, etc.

Today, Specialty Trailer Leasing has expanded their line of equipment to include the following:

  1. Kelley Jumbo Tube Trailers
  2. 40' and 20' Tube ISO Containers
  3. 20'  Liquid Cryogenic ISO Containers

At Specialty Trailer Leasing, we are continually building new equipment and updating older equipment to meet the needs of our customers.  We will also build equipment to meet customer specifications.  Specialty Trailer Leasing can offer equipment for both compressed gases and cryogenic liquids for short or long-term leasing.  Most of the equipment is centrally located in Amarillo, Texas.  However, we do have equipment located in La Porte, Texas, offering easy shipments from the Port of Houston, Texas.

With equipment operating world wide, Specialty Trailer Leasing is dedicated to developing long-term relationships with both domestic and international customers.  Our goal is to provide customers with competitive pricing, superior quality, and customer support.  As the world wide leader in industrial gas equipment leasing, we hope you will consider Specialty Trailer leasing for all of your equipment needs.